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Welcome to

Many people who have visited France have become enchanted with the French way of life and have contemplated moving to France or buying a second property.

But buying property in France can be a confusing experience unless you know the ropes...

Help is at hand...

Here at, with our experience, we'll make your property purchase as hassle-free as possible - in other words:

We,, pride ourselves on our speed of response to enquiries and questions - we're sure you'll be impressed with our service.

We're able to help you with loads of practical information and we'll take care of many stages of the mortgage process for you.

And the cost to you for our service?

Absolutely Nothing!

We receive a commission from the lender so we do not charge you any fees

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Practical Information

Because there are some very fundamental differences in buying property in France compared to other countries, we've put together a complete guide to the mortgage process, from the first steps through most of the issues that will crop up during the transaction and even afterwards - such as property taxes inheritance tax and wealth tax.

We'll take care of many of stages of the process for you, keeping you informed as to what is happening as it happens.

Have a look around - it's packed with all sorts of helpful information, including a Jargon Buster (translator). Either select from the menu at the top of this page, or click here to view an index of the site.


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